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Renek had always been told that Plague dragons could never be good with plants. She was told that Plague dragons could only bring rot and disease, never life and growth. But she proved everyone wrong when she decided to become a botanist. Renek had a knack with plants that no Plague dragon had before her. She could grow things in even the most nasty of environments, such as the Scarred Wasteland.

She was particularly good at growing poisonous plants. These plants were hardy. They were survivors just like Plague dragons.

Her skills caught the attention of PASC. The current leader wanted the poisons from her plants. It was thought that they could be used against the Shade. Renek agreed and began trading with PASC, and eventually she decided to join.

She became a Death Seeker, a spy. She had never been good at magic, and she wasn't strong, but she was good at being quiet, and good at sneaking.

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Energetic and a little mischievous.

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Deella: Before Deella became the leader of PASC, she and Renek were partners. They made a deadly team. With Deella's vaccines and Renek's poisons they changed PASC for the better. They made the organization more deadly and the members stronger than ever.Now with Deella being the leader of PASC Renek works alone. She misses Deella's company, but it hasn't affected the quality of her work. When she does get to see Deella, her informalities toward her leader often surprise the other members. She jokes and even flirts with Deella. Renek knows that Deella would never punish her for it. She and Deella share a bond that cannot be broken.

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  • Lesbian
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