Rhagoh is a spy and a ladies' dragon. While he enjoys having something akin to a mate back home with Rheana, he cannot resist seducing all the other pretty guardians he comes across in his travels.

Whenever he successfully gathered intelligence, he confides those valuable details in Treva, the Order's strategist.

Background Edit

His name is Rhagoh. Just Rhagoh and he is a professional. Your enemies are blackmailing you? No problem, Rhagoh will steal any dirt they have on you. Competition had a drop on you? Rhagoh will sabotage their plans and sow chaos in their designs. Is there a secret that you’re just dying to know? Rhagoh will find out and tell you all about it. He would get in any lair or fortress, do what needs to be done and disappear before anyone realizes he was even there. He is very proud of his skills in stealth, secrecy and silence, but there are some contracts he would not accept. He leaves dirty job for the assassins, as it would be bad manners to take somebody else’s work. During his career, he even managed to train a Balsas Anole he humorously called ‘Giant’. Giant does all retrievals of small things, early recon and other assorted tasks Rhagoh is too big to do himself. It is unclear how did he trained Giant, or how the two communicate. If you ask Rhagoh directly, he’d just smile and say: ‘Professional secret’ winking with two eyes.

Rhagoh does not shy from the ladies, far from it. He knows how to beguile, and it takes a heart of stone not to fall for his roguish smile and wit. He uses that for his work of course as charisma loosens the tongues. In his private life he prefers Guardian ladies, he thinks there is something very attractive about their horns and face-fins. However, he would not refuse any dragoness seeking his company, he is too much of a gentledragon for that. He had broken countless hearts and has children all over Sornieth. He just can’t help it that he was never a one-lady-dragon and there is plenty of him to go around. Because who doesn’t love a spy?

Trivia Edit

  • Rhagoh is a 7 digit dragon
  • he has had many mates in the Order, all of which have moved on or been exalted in the meantime (except Rheana)

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by Voronwis (#226333)

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