Rheana is the daugher of Grintorse, a guardian who was born in an allied Wind clan and resided in the Order of the Colossus for a while. Rheana was born during that time and chose to stay in the Order while her father returned to his original clan.

Background Edit

The wind will always guide you home. These words echoed in Rheana’s mind as she looked to the sky. The wind blew in slow waves, the sound of it soothing her mind. The sound of her father’s voice never left her memory, and always came right when she needed it. Rheana was born to a very wonderful Wind Guardian named Grintorse. Her father was very wise, and noble in his ways. She admired the many lessons that he taught her as he stayed in the Order of the Colossus to be with her and her mother, a proud Plague Dragon. They were a very happy family, and Rheana was a welp that strived to please her family and to live her life to the fullest. She grew up happy, and loved where she was and the clan she belonged to.

Her father, after a long time of staying in the Order, felt the calling to go home, back to the whimsical Wind Clan. Being given the choice to go with him or to stay in the Order, she had a hard time making that decision. She found herself restless with the idea of going with him, but many nights she faced yearning to stay in her home Flight.

“My child,” her father started one day on their crisp morning walks. “You belong to a proud and powerful Flight. You belong to me and your mother, and we both belong to you.”

She looked at him, hoping he would continue. She loved the lessons that her father taught her, but this one felt like it would be a lesson that would forever be with her. He stopped the walk and looked at his Welp, who had now grown to a beautiful young Dragon. “The wind will always guide you home. No matter where that is. Whenever you feel lost, follow the wind.” He said. And with that, he left her to contemplate this.

When the next day came, she knew her home was where she was born. She was loyal to her Flight, and although saying goodbye to her father was hard, she found pride in her decision and knew that she would always make her father happy. She knew that she was ready to be the Dragon her father raised her to be. Rheana of the Order of the Colossus.

Trivia Edit

  • Grintorse's father was once a part of the Order as well but left for the Wind Clan

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  • Background was written by ShadyoFayx (#86418)

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