Rhosyn is one of the Order's veteran warriors. She isn't part of a particular coliseum team, mostly because there hasn't been an established pack for her to be a part of. She may potentially form a team with Thaumas and Venilia once the two have been given proper training.

Carlos used to be her mate, and while their relationship never was a particularly loving one, it was damaged beyond repair after Carlos betrayed the (not yet established) Order and attempted to take over. They still get together occasionally, but Rhosyn is very dismissive of the guardian as a whole.

More than anything, however, Rhosyn hinders herself from having a proper mate. She prefers to be independent and not be held back by any suitors. Her only love is the battlefield.

Trivia Edit

  • Rhoysn is a 7 digit dragon
  • For a few months, she had a new guardian mate named Artair, who was a tailor. Artair, however, moved on.

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