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Length: 1.51M | Wingspan: 1.64M | Weight: 1.58KG

Ripple is large by Fae standards, but is still one of the smallest dragons in the Tower. She strikes an eye-catching figure covered in shimmering armor and jewels and snapping with electricity and can often be found riding atop her mate's back, going through large scrolls of contracts, orders and correspondence.

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She's a bright, sharp dragon with a warm motherly side that every clan member sees eventually. Her trills are loud and clear and her stature disguises a personality as big as a sassy Imperial. She loves gossip and being in the know, and she is incredibly shrewd and clever when striking deals with other clans.

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Ripple is a loyal mate to Blade, often tempering his cold steel with warmth. She has had a few nests with others in the clan at its inception to increase growth, but nowadays she simply stays at his side to help him run the Tower smoothly.

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