The Grey Fisher of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Ronan was born into the Red Kingdom, the first child of what would become a family spanning four generations. Raised by Liadan, the clan's original Grey Fisher, and Ciardha, who makes nets, it was only natural that he would take to the trade as well. He quickly grew to eclipse even his mother in skill, relying on his fondness for water and uncanny swimming skills to hunt within the water.

The arrival of Neasa saw him redirect some of his playful focus. He was enthralled by the secretive new arrival from Nature lands, and began a lighthearted courtship. He soon discovered, however, that she was more damaged than she wanted to let on; but rather than backing away, he took that as his cue to get serious, offering up his love and family for her own. With her acceptance of his suit, they settled into partnered life and eventually had a child of their own. Neasa was with Ronan to support him when Liadan felt the call to the Plaguebringer's service, and it was her suggestion that led to him taking up his mother's title in order to honour her legacy.

Clan Role Edit

With Liadan's departure, Ronan has taken up the position of being the primary fisher of the Red Kingdom. Though he still most enjoys hunting fish by swimming in the river with them, he has considerably expanded his repertoire since his playful youth; along with his father, he makes use of traps, nets, and lures, not to mention controlled pools where fish can breed safely and provide a source of food for the future. He also works with Nuala, the clan mimic who has most strongly imprinted on the suppliers, and often leaves his nets out for them at the end of the day rather than stowing his fishing supplies.

Personality Edit

Though he has steadied somewhat with age—and with his relationship to Neasa—Ronan is still playful at heart. He likes to have fun, make people laugh, and gently tease his loved ones; it's very hard to get under his skin or even get him down. He is determinedly optimistic—not because he's naive to the realities of the world, but because he chooses to believe the best of people anyway. He never considers any problem unsolvable, and, through sheer bullheaded refusal to give up if nothing else, he often finds he's right. He cares deeply for his family, and shares a particular bond with his father, whom he respects as a patriarch, a colleague, and a friend all in one.

Relationships Edit

  • Neasa: Partner and lover.
  • Cillian: Beloved son, and family.
  • Alastriona: Cillian's partner, and family.
  • Ciardha: Father, colleague, and family.
  • Nuala: Fishing mimic and a collaborator.
  • Tomas: Clan beekeeper and a collaborator.

Ronan is bisexual.

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