"I know I'm not that good of a leader, but I'll continue to try my best to become an Empress everyone can be proud of."



Rosabelle's Origins
Rosabelle was born to Feichin and Elwy.



Length Wingspan Weight
Rosabelle's 6.43m 4.67m 426.84kg
Average Fem. Wildclaw 6.16m 6.99m 559.39kg

Rosabelle is somewhat larger than an average female Wildclaw, though her friends do tease her about her wingspan and weight continuously.

A Gemini, Rosabelle is 18 years old. She's a year young than Aemilia and two years younger than Brenden. She's an alto, with a range that goes just as deep as Aemilia's, but not quite as high as the aforementioned Bogsneak. Rosabelle's ID is 58124282. Rosabelle's full name is Rosabelle Joy Aonghuis.

Family TreeEdit


Sired by Feichin the Wildclaw

Mothered by Elwy the Coatl

Married to Mahmut the Mirror

Uncles and Aunts

Uncle is Fergus the Wildclaw

Half-Great-Uncle is Khelgar the Nocturne

Half-Great-Aunts are Rayya the Coatl and Aunatural the Nocturne


Grandfather is Quoice the Mirror

Grandmother is Raigi the Wildclaw

Great-Grandfather is Rolan the Mirror

Great-Grandmother is Ismael the Pearlcatcher


Half-First Cousin Once Removed is Calan the Coatl (in-laws: Galechka the Wildclaw and Una the Bogsneak)

Half-Second cousins are Azuolas, Gorrick and Leoven the Coatls (no longer in the Empire). Also Ualan, Conan and Neriya the Bogsneaks (in-law: Jora the Skydancer)

Half-Second Cousin Once Removed is Aemilia the Bogsneak


Aemilia Though Rosabelle gets along very well with the Bogsneak, the two are often see arguing and calling each other names. Most dragons assume this is because the two hate each other, but in reality they are as close as sisters. Their constant bickering is a testament of this, as the fact that they can insult each other and neither of them gets offended means they have a very close bond. Rosabelle tells Aemilia almost everything, and the two can often be seen hunting together or even staying over at each other's dens.
Brenden Like Aemilia, Rosabelle and Brenden act like they hate each other even if they are close friends. Rosabelle, Brenden and Aemilia are seen as "The Trio" in the Empire, for they are almost never seen without each other. It was Rosabelle and Brenden who came up with the idea to create a travelling theater company based in the Empire and Aemilia tagged along. Even if Brenden annoys Rosabelle, she still gets along well with him and would easily kill an enemy for him.
Alruccabah Coming soon...
Holanthrus Though there is a small age gap between the two, Rosabelle and Holanthrus get along quite well.


"Well... it's not like I like him like that! He's just a friend, you know! A really sweet... handsome... amazing friend..." --to Aemilia and Brenden about Alruccabah

"Tomaltach has been cast from this earth. And thus ends his reign of terror. Now, it is time for us to leave this earth as well, and return to the Gladekeeper." --as Achall Ní Faodhagáin, female protagonist of the musical Lights


  • Her name is a combination of rose and "Bella". It roughly translates to "beautiful rose".


  • Baby Rosabelle
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