The Red King of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Born to no clan on the outskirts of the Plague territories, Ruaidhri and Grainne began life as orphans of war, the family they could have had a casualty of the endless conflict between the Plaguebringer and the Gladekeeper. Together they journeyed deeper into the Scarred Wasteland, following the calling of Grainne's Search and collecting up refugees as they went. Their pilgrimage ended at the cave system that would become the Red Kingdom, and Ruaidhri set to organizing his new clan into something that could survive the harsh conditions of the Plaguebringer's domain.

He was aided in this effort by a new friend, Eimhear, and before long her good sense and their close friendship led him to offer her a formal place as queen and second in command. They worked well together, and under their leadership the clan flourished. Despite their positions, however, their relationship remained platonic, and it wasn't long before Mallaidh's arrival saw her giving up her place as an Ice clan assassin and becoming the Red King's consort instead.

With her guidance, Ruaidhri and Eimhear began to expand the influence of the Red Kingdom. Their increasing prosperity and power led first to new clan members, then to offers of alliance. Ruaidhri navigated these new challenges with grace and forethought, always putting the welfare of his clan members before all else.

Clan Role Edit

Ruaidhri is the founder and highest authority of his clan, serving as the final arbiter of severe disputes and the primary policy-maker when it comes to any course of action that will affect the clan as a whole or their relationships with the outside world. His title was taken in honour of both the colour of his flight and the blood that many of his clan members (including himself) have spilled on their search for a safe haven.

Personality Edit

A deeply thoughtful and discerning soul, Ruaidhri can come across as reserved or even distant, but he is very protective of the dragons under his rule and will always prioritize their needs over any outside pressures. He is always expanding his horizons and spends much of his free time in observation and contemplation, filing away all new information with care and consideration. He is extremely devout, and holds the cycles of death and renewal as the most sacred element of existence. While the clan’s original members consisted largely of refugees who had found themselves pushed into Plague territory, many dragons have joined the clan since its founding; Ruaidhri is happy to take in anyone who needs a home, no matter their flight or clan of origin.

Relationships Edit

  • Eimhear: Platonic partner and co-ruler.
  • Mallaidh: Consort and love of his life.
  • Ciara: Alchemical experiment and prophesied heir.
  • Grainne: Oldest friend and co-founder of the clan.
  • Oisin: Eimhear's consort and a friend.
  • Daire: Confidant, friend, and personal bodyguard.
  • Nekane: Living deity and revered spiritual leader.
  • Oscar: Nekane's beloved priest and a friend.

Ruaidhri is asexual.

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