The Watcher of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Originally a traveller from another clan, Ruarc arrived at the Red Kingdom as a guest shortly after the time when it was formally declared as a kingdom. At the time, he was still on his Search, but he found he fit in well with the clan, and the longer he lingered the more he found that his instincts were inexplicably urging him to stay put. And so he settled into his adopted clan, perplexed but happy, and hoped everything would become clear in time.

Not long after, he awoke one morning with the nagging urge to walk out into the arid wilds that surround the lair. He did so, and there discovered Naomh, sickly, weak, and abandoned in the desert. He imprinted on her, taking her as his charge immediately, and brought her back to the clan to nurse her back to health. They became mates shortly thereafter, and Ruarc has settled fully into his family and place in the Red Kingdom.

Clan Role Edit

Like many of the other Guardians in the clan, Ruarc serves primarily as one of the Red Kingdom's guards. He takes watch during the daytime—as a native Plague-born dragon he is uniquely suited to surviving in the hot sun of the Abiding Boneyard. His usual position is on the roof of the main cave entrance, where he can keep a careful eye on all comings and goings, as well as see new arrivals from a long distance. He is a particularly silent and still guard, and with his colouration can often blend into the landscape, making him easy to overlook while he is on duty.

Personality Edit

Formal, reserved, and somewhat aloof, Ruarc has no problem with the separation from day to day clan business that his preferred guard post necessitates. As befits such a quiet watcher, he is patient, calm, and driven, with a manner often said to be stony. While he loves his clanmates and the home he has found with them, he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. He only ever fully relaxes around Naomh, and the gently playful side he shows to her is rarely seen by the rest of the Red Kingdom. But his clan knows that he is fiercely protective of them, and will fight viciously to keep them all safe when necessary—even if he will go to his mate first.

Relationships Edit

  • Naomh: Partner and lover.
  • Meallan: Clan guard and a colleague.
  • Rathnait: Clan guard and a colleague.
  • Grainne: Guardian of the lair and a colleague.

Ruarc is bisexual.

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