About Edit

Ruby is the brute strength component of the daytime guard, fighting her enemies with tooth, claw, and, if needs be, sword. Her armour is still quite cobbled together, though it is slowly being stained red by battle after battle. She flights with Blackice and Twilight in the day guard.

One day while fighting she came apon a small young bird, a ruby webwing, who rapidly became her ward. This bird goes everywhere with her, and is protected like the most precious of treasures - which often irritates the bird, who claims she can defend herself quite well enough without the help of an enormous guardian.

Ward Edit

Ruby's ward is a Ruby Webwing called Crimsonia. Crimsonia follows Ruby around, having bonded with her as a chick, but is oft annoyed by Ruby's over-protective habits and gets in a huff. This usually leads to her flying off and getting into trouble, then having to be saved. (She always protests that she was fine she had it under control! This is rarely true.)

Origins Edit

Ruby is the Daughter of Snowflake and Sunstorm, and her hatching was one of the things that spurred the pair to found a clan of their own.

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