Sabori ("sah-BOR-ee") is a Guardian dragon who lived in the Filia Clan before she was affected by the plague. After Kladeos died, Sabori was given a medicine by Orphne to help keep her plague symptoms at bay. It helped restore her strength enough to join Coco and Kincaid in the Coliseum.

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Sabori was born with Stonewash Iridescent gene, but gained the Facet and Glimmer genes upon completion of her Passage. She wears the Ebony Filigree armor set, minus the helmet.

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Plague Arc Edit


Sabori as she first joined the clan.

Sabori lived happily with Usha and Grim's Filia Clan before the plague struck.  She had bred with Grim before Usha hooked her up with her own mate, an Iridescent Fae named Vaughn.  She had done some training in the Coliseum with Qubine prior to the plague.  When the plague struck, Sabori was one of the dragons affected, and she was incapacitated along with the rest of the clan.  After the first strain, a hatchling named Kincaid wandered into her den.  Sabori realized that Vaughn was no longer moving, so she sent Kincaid for help.  The new dragons came into her den and confirmed that Vaughn was dead.  Sabori was grief-stricken, and wished to be buried beside him if she died.

She remained inactive as the surviving dragons continued to look after her and the others.  After Kladeos' death, Qubine instructed Orphne to treat Sabori with the new medicine that she had developed.  The medicine recovered Sabori's strength enough so she could train once more.  Qubine got her up to speed so that she can replace Kladeos in Coco and Kincaid's team.  The three successfully completed their Passage, and Sabori was gifted with the Facet and Glimmer genes from the Gladekeeper, though they took some time to develop due to the plague.

When Orphne developed a permanent cure for the plague, she gave the leftover potion for the Gladekeeper to the sick dragons.  The next day, they were all cured, and Sabori developed her secondary and tertiary genes.  She remained with the clan, branching over to the Kalma clan now that she has become one of the strongest warriors.

Fae of Light Arc Edit

When the new dragon Cane joined the clan, Sabori was the one to fill him in on the details of the Passage. Later on, Cane admitted to Snowy and Liora that he was attracted to Sabori for her toughness and beauty.

When Erebus destroyed the clan's lair, Sabori fled with Kincaid. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

(To be updated as the story continues...)

Sabori's mate, Vaughn.

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Trivia Edit

  • Sabori's hatchday is October 17, 2013.
  • She was originally purchased as exalt fodder, but CrypticGirl liked her name too much and decided to keep her.
  • Sabori joined Coco and Kincaid's Coliseum team to replace Kladeos.
  • Sabori reached Lvl 25 on August 28, 2015.
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