Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Sagacious is the Goddess of Knowledge. She knows everything that is needed to know and has no interest in learning more. She understands the limits and restraints of Time, the most mysterious of all magic, but she will never share. She knows the secret to happiness. She understands the laws of the world. She could explain in detail how each being on earth was created. But she refuses to give her knowledge away for free.

______ To Sagacious everything comes with a price. When mortals, even gods come to ask her for her aid, she may help only if they give her something in return. Often what she wants is something that cannot be bargained for such as a life or for memories. Very rarely are her deals fair.

She believes she cannot learn anything new. She already understands and knows everything useful to her. There’s no need for her to learn the nonsense mortals and the other gods cherish. Things like friendships and love are disgusting to her. Who needs friends when you know how to split an atom? Or how to achieve time travel? Or that you could travel anywhere you wish within seconds? 

______ Sagacious was the first god that was born from other gods. She is the first child of Virtuous and Ludicrous. Her beginning years were rocky. Her parents didn’t know how to raise a child. They were the first ever parents. They tried their best, but Sagacious turned sour somehow.

Sagacious likes to spend her time rereading books she already knows to heart. Her hippogriff guardian, Tsundoku organizes her libraries for her and keeps them tidy and clean.

______ Here in Sornieth for the first time in billions of years she’s curious about new things. The dragon planet is new and strange to her. There’s so much she doesn’t know, and that bothers her. She hasn’t left the clan’s library since she arrived

Personality Edit

Sagacious is selfish and she wishes to hoard her knowledge all for herself. To her knowledge is power, and if it is shared it will lose its power. So she keeps it to herself. 

Relationships Edit

Virtuous: Her mother

Ludicrous: Her father

Guerra: Her younger brother

Naperone: Her second younger brother

Muerto: her third younger brother

Trivia Edit

  • She is lithosexual
  • Her theme is Requiem
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