Salford's Origins
Salford's abandoned egg was found—along with Glacis's—by Aislinn and Arcano a few months before they joined the Moonlit Waves. No one knows why their eggs were abandoned, but the biggest guess is that there was a beastclan raid and Salford's parents were forced to leave without their egg. Before his mother became Empress, Salford and his sister would spend their days exploring the Star-Touched Atoll and pulling pranks and older clan members. Salford grew close to several dragons in the clan, Lunawing and Platespine included and he was very despondent went they left the Waves to serve the Tidelord. After his mother became Empress, Salford was gifted with just about anything he could ever want; the finest jewels, the best pick of food, respect from nearly every dragon in the clan... there was nothing he ever wanted or needed that his parents couldn't or wouldn't provide. Such a feat was barely accomplished by other High Court members.

Salford grew to have a thing for hoarding priceless objects, but despite this he could always remain calm and collected. He managed to stop the Lesser Monarchs and Exarchs from declaring war on one major occasion, and this gained them an ally in the form of the Order of the Colossus. Salford's abilities caused Aislinn and Arcano to crown him High King, seeing great things coming in his future. There hadn't been a High King in the Waves since High King Dakarai, two rulers before Morrigan. Several older members were unconvinced that Salford would be a good High King, but the majority supported him.

High King of the EmpireEdit

High King Salford

During his first years as High King, Salford dedicated hours to the well-being of his subjects. Although Aislinn did not approve of his methods at first, she soon came around after seeing just how much her subjects loved him. Even if she did not agree with her son's plans, she still helped him put them in motion.

With the help of his sister, Salford became a fine leader in his own right, and the clan knew he would one day be an Emperor they could count on. His services and care for his subjects made him legendary not only in the Empire, but throughout the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Salford was a diplomat to other clans, calming rising tensions between the Waves and the Court of Coral. Meeting with Queen Wynter opened Salford's eyes to the needs of clans that aren't his own. He despaired when he brought this up to the Exarchs and they told him that they would never accept

Meeting RoshanaraEdit

Salford and Roshanara
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Stepping DownEdit

The Ex-King
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The PresentEdit

Salford's Present
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Length Wingspan Weight
Salford's 7.54m 7.28m 1053.98kg
Average Fem. Wildclaw 7.64m 8.9m 922.71kg

Like his adoptive father, Salford is a Leo. He is 20 years old, two years older than his mate. Salford has a baritone voice like his adoptive father, but the baritone is much closer to being bass instead. Salford's ID is 46377807. Salford's full name is Salford Mossriver O'Sheridan.

Family TreeEdit



  • His name is Old English for "ford by the willows".


  • Baby Salford
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