The Hunt Runner of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Saoirse was born to a Plague clan whose home territory was not far from the Red Kingdom. The clan was primarily made up of Wildclaws, and tradition among them was that when their children came of age, they would leave their clan of origin and strike out on their own to survive—or not—on whatever their skills and ingenuity brought their way until they could find a new clan to join. And so it was that Saoirse set out on her own, surviving by her wits and honing her skill at the hunt until she met Iuile and Ailbhe.

The older Wildclaws were immediately taken with her, and invited her to join their pack as well as the clan they swore fealty to. Saoirse became a member of the Red Kingdom and something of a hunter-apprentice to Iuile and Ailbhe, though that relationship very quickly transitioned into her joining their family as a third partner. Their family was completed by the arrival of Cathair, who they snapped up well before he had even encountered the rest of the clan. The four of them live and work as a unit, keeping to the wilds and the outposts of the Red Kingdom's lands rather than staying in the main lair with the rest of the clan.

Clan Role Edit

Along with the rest of the pack led by Iuile, Saoirse's main role in the Red Kingdom is to bring in game and ensure the clan is well stocked in meat. Within the hunting unit, she is the runner, with a speed and endurance in running that is unmatched by any of her mates; typically she is the one to keep pace with and harry their prey while the others strike from ambush, or catch up after she's run their quarry down to help her with the business of killing. The four of them work closely with each other and rarely with anyone else, save occasionally Cennetig, the clan's other main hunter, who occasionally joins their unit under Iuile's command.

Personality Edit

Saoirse has a sweet disposition, particularly for a self-reliant and eager hunter. Though initially something of an innocent when she joined the clan—and wholly unprepared for the way she piqued Iuile and Ailbhe's interest, not to mention her own strong interest that awoke in return—she has now settled quite comfortably into her place as an adult, and is bold, self-assured, and just a little bit sassy. She is deeply loyal to both her clan and her partners, and in particular looks up to Iuile as something of a mentor as well as a lover. She is fearless in pursuit of what she wants, and has been known to make rash decisions without consulting her partners quite as much as she should, but she rarely regrets it—and to tell the truth neither do they.

Relationships Edit

  • Cathair: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Iuile: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Ailbhe: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Cennetig: Clan hunter and a colleague.

Saoirse is bisexual.

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