One of the first dragons to be welcomed into Clan Scribbles, Sapphira works in Dacio's daycare. She is in charge of watching hatchlings of lair breeding pairs, while the parents recover from 6 days of nesting without sleep, plus 2 days of imprinting... Also with little to no sleep. Sapphira also teaches all hatchlings in the lair skills they'll need to survive in the Scarred Wasteland.

Her word is also very important once the hatchlings under her care come of age: every adult dragon is placed in a group to gather resources when needed. There's a seperate group for hunting, scavenging, digging, and every activity outside of the lair you could think of. Sapphira usually knows their skillsets very well by that time, so the three main dragons are very inclined to listen to her.

History Edit

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Future Plans Edit

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