The Advisor of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Saraid comes from a long line of scholars and mapmakers, and as such has been researching since before she understood the meaning of the word. Originally hailing from the Watermelon Garden, she travelled to the Red Kingdom as part of an expedition to better understand the emerging political leaders of the region. Finding she fit in well with the clan, and that she liked the way Ruaidhri ran things, she elected to stay on a more permanent basis. She still keeps channels open with her clan of birth, and shares non-sensitive political information that would aid her parents in their mapmaking.

Having settled into an office in her new clan's library, Saraid would have been quite content to while away the rest of her days in scholarship had it not been for Colum, a later arrival to the Red Kingdom who struck up a friendship with her. Finding their goals and interests were highly compatible, she agreed to be his mate, and they have been happily working alongside each other ever since.

Clan Role Edit

Saraid serves as a political advisor to the leaders of her clan and typically sits in on most meetings of the Red Kingdom's informal ruling council. She is an expert in political history, geography, and legal policy, and often weighs in on a range of subjects from the earth-shakingly serious to the tiresomely mundane with apparently equal enthusiasm. Though not a mapmaker herself, she was trained in the art of cartography and likes to visualize the affairs of the kingdom with maps, and as such takes responsibility for all such documents in a political context.

Personality Edit

In many ways Saraid is the stereotypical scholar: highly enthusiastic about her field of study, she can be obsessive, absentminded, and awkward when removed from her element. It is not unusual to see her up at all hours of the night, poring over treaties, legal texts, and tomes of history—but at the same time, politics is a field that is constantly mutating, and it is equally important to her to be out amongst the policy-makers and analyzing data in real time. She is often considered to be somewhat dry, particularly by those who have no interest in political affairs, but is also recognized for her sharp intellect and observant eye. All told, her clanmates are grateful to have her for an advisor, even if they'd rather not have to listen to her themselves.

Relationships Edit

  • Colum: Partner and lover.
  • Cianan: Clan lorekeeper and a colleague.
  • Seaghdha: Clan illuminator and a colleague.
  • Isibeal: Clan diplomat and a colleague.
  • Aoibhin: Clan mapmaker and a collaborator.

Saraid is heterosexual.

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