Sariafjel is one of the newest Pergamon Guard recruits and joined around the same time as Kie. She is a mother to a large amount of children who, prior to joining the Guard, spent most of her time wrangling them to becoming decent adults. Before her children she worked as a bodyguard and a hired muscle. It was one such job where she met her husband Aremaiko. The tiny Fae was immediately smitten when she took down three troublemakers at once. Even after getting so many children she still occasionally took a side job when needed.

She has no official weapons training and the Guard hasn’t managed to teach her much anything useful as she has no talent for it. What she does best is plain teeth and claw, so her only weapons are magical battle claws. They’re pretty unstable though, so she also needs to wear goggles when fighting, in case of accidental explosions.

She got assigned to night guard duty because Kie and his bow and arrows would be useless at night. It isn't ideal but for now she's begrudgingly accepting the situation. And his fellow night guard Orestes is nice and funny, where as the day guard Tomato seems a bit uptight, so it's not that bad.

Charge Edit

Her charge is a large, perfect acorn than she found from a beach. There seemed to be no explanation as to how it got there, but there it was and her soul had made a connection. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with the thing. At first she tried to plant it but woke up in a middle of the night to feeling of panic that forced her to go and immediately dig the thing up. Even though it didn’t feel like a normal acorn, she made the decision to protect it from rotting with a layer of resin. No panic happened this time so she felt more confident in having done the right thing. Maybe the acorn’s purpose would be revealed to her some day, maybe not.

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