The Illuminator of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

A late arrival to the Red Kingdom, Seaghdha arrived via a network of clan connections, seeking out a home where his particular skills would be of use. He found the Red Kingdom a natural fit, as the clan's regular political and scholastic dealings meant there would be plenty of work for him, while the increased size and prominence of the kingdom meant that there had been an increasing need for a dedicated scribe that was going unfulfilled.

On his arrival, he settled into the library and got to work right away, beginning by transcribing some documents that had been going without proper recording for some time. He quickly befriended the clan's other scholars, as well as familiarizing himself with those members of the clan most likely to require his services.

Clan Role Edit

Seaghdha's core training is as a scribe and illuminator of manuscripts. He works alongside Cianan on creating the texts that preserve the clan's history, Saraid on drafting formal political documents, and Oscar on the records of magic, mythology, and spiritual philosophy that make up Nekane's teachings. In addition, he also serves as a more general-purpose scribe, taking notes of significant meetings or recording the stories that Bronach and Cinaed share. He is also responsible for inking and properly preserving the maps drawn from Aoibhin and Somhairle's travels, providing the final decorative touches and wash of colour that makes the maps beautiful as well as functional.

Personality Edit

Seaghdha tends towards studiousness, and often spends long hours bent over his manuscripts as he slowly and carefully turns them into works of art. He is quiet and thoughtful, generally keeping to himself even when he isn't working, and has a gently professional manner with his clanmates. He still hasn't fully settled into the family aspect of the clan, treating it more as an extended work placement, but as time goes by he is loosening up more and more and coming to regard the Red Kingdom as his home. Because of the varied work that goes into producing a manuscript, he comes across as something of a jack-of-all-trades, with knowledge and expertise on topics as varied as leatherworking, horticulture, the production of parchment and ink, sewing, and geology.

Relationships Edit

  • Saraid: Clan advisor and a colleague.
  • Cianan: Clan lorekeeper and a colleague.
  • Oscar: Clan priest and a colleague.
  • Bronach: Clan bard and a collaborator.
  • Cinaed: Clan storyteller and a collaborator.
  • Aoibhin: Clan mapmaker and a collaborator.
  • Somhairle: Clan explorer and a collaborator.

Seaghdha is bisexual.

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