WIP - plague egg found and hatched, very good example of a plague dragon, proud member of the Shooting Stars... etc.


WIP - likes to make things explode, revels in destruction, bit of a loose cannon but loyal to her team


WIP - lean, agile, small, can get in and out of places in a hurry if necessary, usually covered in some sort of explosive and/or soot, likes shiny things and therefore wears lots of jewelry


WIP - called an explosive expert for a reason, very good at building things and taking things apart, quick in battle, surprisingly good with poisons as well

The Shooting Stars

WIP - explanation of the group will go here (how they started, what they do, etc)


  • Sekhmet was hatched on February 13, 2015 (Friday the 13th) as a Scatterscroll project
  • She was scattered nine times before she settled on her current colors
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