"I live by killing people and getting money. It's my link on the food chain."


Death was always a natural thing to Semi. Back, before he was Semi, when he had a name that no-one ever used so he discarded it, he realised that most people didn't see things that way. He also realised that it was a way to make money. Working as a rather immature killer for hire, he killed anyone he was asked to, and occasionally more besides, if annoyed. Not exactly professional, according to the agencies he worked through, but there was little they could do. Refusing to pay, or getting other killers to target him always failed.

A chance encounter - not that it was really by chance, not with the guy's information networks - with someone that decided to give him a test changed his career. It was messy, but he passed and the name Semi, given because he didn't stop talking much like a cicada, stuck. Now he had a manager that found him useful and kept him around. He was scolded a lot, sure, but over the years he learnt to channel his rebellious attitude in the right places, so he no longer messed up a job.

Now, Semi could call himself a Pro. Hiring him didn't come cheap, and his sources of information ran deep. Man, woman, child - a target was a target. Until one day he was hired as a bodyguard in a match where Pros fought Pros. Skilled as he was, one of the Pros targeting his employer was better. It was ruled as suicide.

Politics had never mattered to Semi before. Assassinating politicians was one thing, but a child - although Semi barely had a year on him - with a mutation that gave him special abilities pulled him into it all the same.

In the end, it was no different to Semi's life before. Pro working with Pro, assassinating the most powerful politicians in the country and the gangs that hid in their shadow. Semi survived to the end and his targets didn't. He got the money.

That was all that mattered.





  • Semi is a fandragon of the MAOH: Juvenile Remix and Waltz character Semi
  • The name "Semi" is banned on-site, so his site name is Cicada, which is what Semi was named for
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