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Sepulchral could have became the God of Death. He could be wearing the Crown that is embedded in Muerto's skull. But he pushed aside this life of power. He sacrificed it all in order to speak up against the other gods. He was the only one with the courage to speak up. The only one to tell the major gods that they were wrong.

He was only fourteen at the time and he was a fledgling, a young god currently not aligned to any type of magic. He, like Muerto, fought in the Death Games. The Games were arena battles in which these fledglings were pitted against each other to fight to the death. They didn't permanently die. They were immortal. But it still hurt. And to spill god blood was still a horrible crime in any case. They were fighting for the Crown of Death. They were fighting to become a new major god, the God of Death.

Sepulchral was supposed to fight in the very first round, and he was supposed to kill his twin brother. He couldn't bring himself to do it. He forfeited. The other gods rioted. He was called a coward. A disgrace. He was called a weakling. Even his brother thought he was scum.

He tried to explain why it was wrong. He told them that fighting like this was the type of thing that their arch enemies would do. That the gods were becoming no better than them.

It didn't help that he was already known as a 'defect'. He was born with albinism which is a genetic defect only mortals should have. Gods are supposed to be perfect. He was not. His eyes were sensitive to light and so was his skin. Being near his own mother, the sun goddess gave him burns. He had to be separated from her. Every god year his vision gets worse. Currently he can barely even read, even with glasses. Eventually he's destined to go blind.

What kind of god was blind? What kind of god slowly died when they were around their own mother? Surely not a healthy god. Surely something must have got terribly wrong with Sepulchral's birth to make him the way he is.

Sepulchral is also the only god with wings. For some reason gods do not have the ability to fly. The Spirits, the ancestors of the gods could, but for some reason gods were denied to ability of flight. Except for Sepulchral. The other gods are jealous of him for this. Especially his brother. He's had his wings torn and ripped off by the other gods. They all wanted a piece of his beautiful wings. But they never left any permanent damage. His wings always grew back. It still hurt. He hates when his wings are touched.

His brother tried to take them once. He tried to steal Sepuchral's wings and make them his own. His brother left scars. His brother had stolen the only weapon that could cause permanent damage to a god of death. The only thing that could kill Sepulchral. It's a miracle that Sepulchral wasn't murdered. It's a miracle that his wings healed from their mangled and bloody state.

Gods do not scar. He's only one of three gods with scars. He hates his scars. They're ugly to look at, and they itch.

After he forfeited his arena battle, his brother went on to fight and climb the ranks with Muerto. The two young gods ended up fighting each other and just barely, Muerto won. All of the fledglings who lost became minor gods of death. Sepulchral became the God of Souls. It was his job to find dying mortals and reap their souls.

Most gods don't care about mortals, but Sepulchral does. He's amazed by them and finds them inspiring. They have such short life spans and yet they always seem to live so much more than gods do. How they could possibly fit in so many moments of joy and sadness and anger and fear in such a short amount of time Sepulchral would never know. And how the creatures clung to life even when Death was calling their name... it was amazing.

He tries to comfort dying mortals the best he can. He finds it sad when they die, unlike the other gods of death. It's even worse when the children die. He loves children. They're so innocent and simple. They don't deserve death.

As a hobby Sepulchral collects Life's Last Breath. It's the very last breath of the dying mortals he reaps. He puts these Breaths in jars and stashes them in his small little room in the basement of the Palace of the Dead. He carefully labels each jar with the name of the mortal and the cause of death.

He's been told that his hobby is creepy, but he doesn't care.

His job stresses him out and depresses him. His hobby makes him feel better, and so does Starbucks. He loves Starbucks and coffee in general. He doesn't care what kind of coffee, he'll drink it. Sepulchral isn't able to function without coffee. Gods have coffee of their own, but he prefers mortal coffee. He likes to hang out in Starbucks in human form and watch mortals go about their daily business.

On top of Sepulchral's already stressful and time consuming job he's often forced to take over Muerto's responsibilities too. He doesn't complain. He understands that Muerto is way too young to rule a kingdom of his own. He feels guilty because Muerto has begged him to take over before. Muerto believes that Sepulchral should be the God of Death, not him. But Sepulchral always refuses. He wants the power, but he's afraid of it too. And he's afraid how he will rule once he's blind. Being blind terrifies him.

Sepulchral is fiercely loyal and respectful to Muerto. He will defend his king even if it mean he has to be the one to suffer.

Respect is something that is very important to Sepulchral, as well as forgiveness. He has forgiven his brother for his crimes. He has forgiven Muerto for the mistakes he has made. He has forgiven his father for pretending that he doesn't exist. He has forgiven the gods for hating him. For calling him a defect.

But it still hurts.

Now that he's in Sornieth, things are a little different. He feels free. He has no responsibility. Here he is treated as an equal. Here he is no longer on the bottom of the food chain.

Personality Edit

Sepulchral is extremely empathetic, and is often cries from the pain of others. He is caring and kind, but is also very anxious and loyal to a fault. He believes his own life is worthless and that he exists to only serve others. His kindness and loyalty have been exploited in the past and yet Sepulchral hasn't learned from his mistakes.

Relationships Edit

Sonder: His girlfriend. They've known each other since they both became Gods of Death, but only became close after the Battle of the Underworld.

Muerto: His king. He respects Muerto because he believes he has to. Muerto may be a kid, but he is also a king. But Sepulchral also sees him as a friend and feels like he needs to protect and help Muerto.

Eumoirous: His best friend. Eumoirous and Sepulchral met when they were kids. It was during a scary time of Sepulchral's life. He had been kicked out of his home and stumbled upon Eumoirous, sick and inured. Eumoirous brought Sepulchral to his home, where Sepulchral was then healed. The two were friends ever since, and at one point they dated too.

Match: Sepulchral's twin brother. They had never gotten along. Sepulchral tried his best to please his brother, but Match had always been unwilling to compromise. Match's nasty attitude was only made worse with the influence of Badru.

Badru: Sepulchral's abusive father. Badru viewed Sepulchral's submissiveness as weakness and had decided since he was an infant that Sepulchral was not worth his time. Instead Badru chose to favor Match and to praise him for his ruthlessness.

Sadzi: Sepulchral's distant mother. Because Sepulchral's skin burned within the presence of his mother, he was unable to get to know her or risk hurting himself.

Disconsolate: Sepulchral's older sister. He doesn't know her well.

Zeamays: Sepulchral's older brother. He doesn't know him well.

Ş̵҉͔̱̠͇̱͖̖͍̠͜͠a҉̸̧̬͍͍̫̥̝̻̖͚͇̦̹̩͎͈̦̰̖͘ͅp̡͚̤͈͎̫̪̬̲̠̠͕̩̥̳̺̼̝̕ͅṟ̴̨̧̟̣̜̣̱̙͉͔̟͎̪͓̪͈́ͅo̸͔͖̥͔̲͚̮̣̫̻̮̰̳̙̹̠̞̥̮͘͟͠p̨̲̣͎̬̻̯͘h͔̗̺̭̙̀ý͚̗̟̹͓̰́͠͠͝t̛̀̀̀͏͎͉̟̺͔̤̝͚̳ͅę̵̼̯̟͇̤̣͟͡͠: Sepulchral's [REDACTED]

Trivia Edit

  • Theme song is Icarus by Bastille
  • I gened him myself
  • He is pansexual
  • Name meaning: (adjective) of or relating to a tomb or interment. gloomy; dismal.
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