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Despite his name, most know Shadowfury to be a rather level-headed dragon. Of course, ask anyone who's been around Shadeddusk Weyr for a good long while and they'll tell you: Under the dense fur and under the calm visage, Shadowfury is not a dragon to be trifled with.

It was really one incident in the Weyr's history that sealed his reputation. When the clan was still quite new, and its territory holdings still not entirely explored, a few of the younger dragons discovered a nest of Shade-corrupted creatures. In the ensuing melee, one dragon stood fast and fearless against the chaos: Shadowfury. Enraged by what he would later characterise as the Shade's "disrespect," Shadowfury threw himself head-first into the fray and spearheaded the counter-assault that drove the Shade-corrupted back the way they'd come.

Shadowfury's actions carried the day, saved the clan in its infancy, and garnered him a name in the process. Since that day, elder members of Shadeddusk Weyr know better than to dwell on frightful what-ifs. Should trouble ever befall the clan again, they know that Shadowfury will come to the rescue.

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