Story Edit

She was born with a gift. Gift of magic. Just like any other dragon born under influence of Arcanist. Still she thought that she is special, that she is a better dragon than others. Her mother taught her that she must be, as the said mother wasn't one of the Arcane dragons. So she tried and tried to get her gift work the way she wanted. and always failed. Her mother has gone serve under Arcanist without seeing her daughter use just one succesful spell. It was the moment when Shery decided to never trust anyone who tells her she has a gift of magic and to start learning, even if she didn't want to.

After long time of studying, practicing and failing at some spells (there's still that tree glowing in every color of rainbow and singing when dragons come near it) she managed to get the attention of Yuni. Mostly with bad spells, but still. And got asked to be one of the clan Mages working with High Mage To make sure that nothing else in the lair doesn't get destroyed or made to harm clan members.

Appearance Edit

3 meters and 59 centimeters long, 4.34 wingspan and 895 kilograms of a Skydancer. Normally seen with Starseer's Emblem on her head and her Companion Comet in her claws. Sometimes she wears Starseere's Stash. Theres always a lot of violet petals around her. She likes to roll in violets and then make lair full of them, what makes other members really not happy. They need to clean it after her.

Abilities Edit

Loves magic and knows how to use it (with mishaps, but well, still better than some of the other mages in clan), hates studying, always makes a lot fuss over small things, especially if said small things are hatchlings playing outside her place.

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