Clan Lampsi

Background Edit

Shiningscourge grew up in a little Shadow clan. Her home life was uneventful, but she was devoted to the Shadowbinder. she believed her goddess was so much better than the Lightweaver, and a spite for Light dragons grew within her.

One day while praying to the Shadowbinder she received a vision. Something that must be protected at all costs lay hidden, untouched within a Light Clan.

She knew that she had to take it, before anyone, or thing else uncovered it.

Personality Edit

She is selfish and a chronic liar. She has a silver tongue which she uses to manipulate others, and she aims to get what she wants no matter the cost.

Relationships Edit

ErebusAngelos: Her mate. They get along well and have a mutual understanding if need be, their relationship may be broken off.

Wish: Shining's daughter.

Aureole: Shining's pawn. She groomed this dragon to be her perfect pawn during Seeking Clan's Civil War. Shining used to think of Aureole as a daughter, but abandoned her when she had her biological daughter, Wish.

Nightbane: Shining's nemesis. Nightbane used to match Shining's strength and she was the one thing that stood in her way.

Trivia Edit

  • Theme song: Secret by The Pierces
  • Straight
  • Bred and gened by myself
  • From her name to her colors to her personality she is Nightbane's opposite
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