"I don't even know if there is such a thing as justice in the shinobi world."

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Shisui should be dead. He knows this, even without the scars around his eye reminding him that he'd been betrayed by someone that maybe he had never really trusted, but had never comprehended the exact depths of desire, greed, and warmongering he'd possessed. The only reason he was here, still breathing, still in possession of both his eyes, was because of an impossibility he still couldn't quite get his head around.

Time travel was, in theory, possible. Space manipulation was common amongst shinobi - summonings a day to day part of life, and his own Shunshin was an example of how far it could be stretched outside of contracts - and so it stood to reason that time was just another dimension to be conquered. However, the energy it would take to pull off was immense - and that was just to displace by a few seconds. The decade his cousin had pulled off was out of any range imaginable. And yet, Obito was here.

Because Obito was here, Shisui had escaped certain death - a death that had happened, from what he'd gleaned from his cousin - and was now a fugitive hiding from a world that believed he had met his end regardless. Faking his own death - a suicide, which rankled his pride as an Uchiha even though he knew full well he'd have done it for real if Obito hadn't saved him and he'd escaped Danzo under his own power - was a move he couldn't resent his cousin for, although he conceded it had been smart of him to do so before Shisui had been conscious enough to realise what was going on. In the heat of the moment, he would never have agreed.

Now, he was travelling through dimensions, Obito's Sharingan easily as powerful as his own but in a very different way, tracking down those that wanted to bring harm to his village, his family, and making a name for the hooded and cloaked figures who appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving no unintended survivors behind.

One day, this would all be over. Shisui hoped he would live to see it.

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  • Shisui is a fandragon of the Naruto character Uchiha Shisui
    • This version is from a time-travel fix it AU
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