Background Edit

Together with Kirr, Sirreth is a founder of the clan.

Personality Edit

Sirreth is pretty much a stereotypical scatterbrained Arcanite.

However she knows how to delegate, and sees no reason to intervene with the general life of the clan and other's tasks. If someone knows better, to her there is no reason to argue or do the job herself.

If it works, why change it?

Appearance Edit

Sirreth is tiny, as Faes usually are. Wears the Archivist's Spellscroll and Arcane Emblem.

Abilities Edit

It would be very unwise to challenge Sirreth on Arcane ground: she might be tiny, but she is a battlemage. In addition, if you give her time to prepare, an attack would be pure suicide.

She is a master of runework, studying them and creating her own.

Trivia Edit

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