"I was a messenger once. I can do so again. Allow me!"


Skoll's OriginsEdit

Skoll and Davenling

Skoll was born in the prestigious clan of Davenling; his parents being clan leaders. Despite him being a Skydancer now, his parents were both Coatls: Lord Abiodun of Davenling and Lady Aruzhan of Davenling. To give their son a better chance of having more children in a shorter amount of time (due to the length of a Coatl's breeding cooldown), his parents called upon the Flamecaller to turn him into a Skydancer.



With a length of 5.71m, wingspan of 6.96m and a weight of 638.7kg, Skoll is longer (average male Skydancer length and wingspan: 4.58m and 5.44m), but is slightly underweight, weighing 638.7kg while the average male Skydancer weight is 667.82kg. Skoll's former name was a mouthful: Skoll Lewis Quincy Chins-Ranton Blackburn of Davenling. He is now known simply as Skoll Blackmour.

Family TreeEdit



  • His name means "mockery" in Old Norse. This is also the name of the mythological wolf who chases after the Sun goddess Sol.
  • His hatchday is August 23, 2019.


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