There were many consequences the day the Arcanist burst forth.

Origins Edit

Three scholars mapping the geology of the Reaches were struck by bolts of arcane energy, fused to the mountain on which they stood. They were transformed into crystalline monoliths of unimaginable size, cursed and blessed to remain sentient and immortal but forever rooted in the middle of the sea. Their thirst for knowledge and magic remained insatiable; they had immense power, but without bodies to wield it.

After centuries, a meteor exploded into the center of their mountain and gave birth to a tiny crystal shard, who unfurled in perfect form: Oona.

Geography Edit

Sliabh na Cogair is formed of a single curved peak dominated by three crystal monoliths, Na Monailití. Though they are inanimate, Na Monailití are sentient, communicating via telepathy and the strong ley lines beneath the mountain itself. These lines are believed to have contributed to their dramatic transformation during the Arcanist's birth. On rare nights of powerful magic, Na Monailití are known to speak, though they do not move.

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