Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Solstice only cares about one thing and one this only, her daughter. She cares so much about her daughter that she refuses to let her move to a different clan than her.

Hywela is her firstborn, her precious baby. Sure she's had other daughters and children before, but Hywela is special being her first hatched.

Solstice loves her so much and loves to spoil her. She likes taking care of her and giving her cutesy outfits to wear. Hywela never wears them, but it doesn't stop Solstice from giving them to her.

"You're my baby girl!" She coos "I know you'll love this sweater I made just for you! It has kittens on it!"

She reads Hywela bed time stories and tucks her in every night. Because Hywela just loves it.

Whenever Hywela tries to run off or argue with Solstice, Solstice just smiles "Now, now, daughter, why do you behave like this? I always know what's best for you. You can not leave me."

When other dragons talk about Hywela's misbehavior Solstice always acts offended and surprised "What? There must be some sort of mistake! My baby would never do something like that! Why are you kicking us out? Hywela is innocent!"

She is in complete denial of her daughter's crimes.

Personality Edit

She's a confused old lady.

Relationships Edit

Hywela: Her daughter

Trivia Edit

  • Her hatch date was August 12 2013
  • She's the oldest dragon in my lair
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