Background Edit

WIP - was drawn to Laela and her dedication to the Arcanist, convinced her that by starting a clan together they could bring even more glory and honor, has taken the role of translator and defender, cares for the individuals of the clan as opposed to Laela's more distant approach, loves training others in the coliseum though he doesn't go as much anymore

Personality Edit

WIP - laid-back, cool-headed, attentive, supportive, willing to listen to everyone, cares about each member of the clan and their well-being, doting, slow to anger, patient, gets along with everyone with ease

Appearance Edit

WIP - average-sized for a male Fae, slightly larger than Laela, Arcane symbol on forehead and pastel dots on wings and fins (represented on-site by accent), pearly jewelry represents his bond to Laela and their position as leaders, wears light armor only when going to battle

Abilities Edit

WIP - strong magic-user, defensive and healing magic, believes in protecting his own team more than damaging an opponent, works well with Maggie and her fighting style, a good listener and strategist, likes helping others solve their problems

Trivia Edit

  • Solus was created as a random progen and founded The Clan of the Morning Star on April 14, 2014
  • While originally Blue/Goldenrod/Maroon, Solus only needed to be scattered once to reach his current colors
  • Solus' name comes from the Gaelic word for "Sun"
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