The Summer Traveller of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Always a wanderer by nature, Somhairle had ranged far and wide across the world before finally winding his way through the Red Kingdom. Though he had initially arrived as a guest, he rapidly found himself captivated by Aoibhin, and kept inventing more and more excuses to stay until he finally broke down and confessed his feelings to her. Aoibhin was delighted to be courted, and then later accept his offer to be his mate, and Somhairle settled down at last as a permanent part of the clan.

Not content to give up his wanderings entirely, though, he often spends time away from the lair, crisscrossing clan lands and forging into territories unknown. He is accompanied by Aoibhin on all of his journeys, however, and they always return to their family.

Clan Role Edit

As one of the clan's more restless members, not to mention a longtime traveller with considerable experience surviving in the wild, Somhairle primarily fulfills a role as an explorer. Along with Aoibhin, Naomh, and sometimes Eibhlin, he travels clan lands gathering information on the natural world, the resources available, and the features of the land itself, documenting his observations with precise and detailed notes. He also often forms part of the push into unoccupied territories bordering the Red Kingdom, as the expanding clan increases its area of influence.

Personality Edit

Warm, gentle, and fond of new experiences, Somhairle very much lives up to the title his clanmates have given him. He enjoys adventure and, while perfectly capable of sitting still, never seems to want to stay in one place. He is competent and thorough, with a wide variety of skills; no matter where he travels, he always seems to know just how to best survive in the environment, and is rarely out of his element. Though he is friendly with everyone he meets, particularly within the clan, he is fiercely devoted to Aoibhin. He can never find it in his heart to say no to her, and his peaceful nature is only roused to fury when it comes to her defence.

Relationships Edit

  • Aoibhin: Partner and lover.
  • Naomh: Clan explorer and a collaborator.
  • Eibhlin: Explorative mimic and a collaborator.
  • Seaghdha: Clan illuminator and a collaborator.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a friend.
  • Aodh: Clan flametender and a friend.

Somhairle is bisexual.

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