Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Soul is generally pretty quiet. He often gets lost within his own thoughts, and he's known for zoning out. Even in the middle of hunting or flying he can suddenly stop paying attention to what he's doing.

He just gets so lost in his own ideas, and he comes up with so many good ones. Inventions, like machines to help boost speed when dragons fly. Stories about fairies from other worlds. Poems about the snow he dreams of seeing some day. Even song ideas, some involving a certain crush of his.

You could say that he has an overactive imagination, unfortunately it's cost him some injuries due to crashing and falling. As well as a few meals for the clan.

Soul is very good with doing what he loves most, mechanics, writing, and singing. He often helps Alaria with building robotic prosthetic limbs among other machines. Many dragons also love to hear his stories, almost as much as they enjoy Lakra's, and they also enjoy his poetry and singing.

One of his biggest downfalls is that he hardly finishes what he starts. He has so much unfinished machines laying around his den, and as for the things he builds for Alaria she usually ends up finishing them. Many dragons whine and complain that he leaves them at cliff hangers in his stories and are disappointed when his beautiful flowing poems and songs are stopped abruptly, sometimes even mid sentence.

Soul has another talent too. One that not many know about. He can change the colors of his scales, and blend in seamlessly into the background. He sometimes spies and eavesdrops on other dragons with this ability. It's amusing to him really, just how invisible he can become.

Besides his spying Soul is generally kind and doesn't cause any trouble.

His best friend is Inkdrop, and she's one of the few who knows of his secret talent.

Someday he wishes to move to the Southern Icefields, but for now he's happy in the Sunbeam Ruins.

Personality Edit

The quiet and creative type.

Relationships Edit

Inkdrop: His childhood friend and first crush.

Trivia Edit

  • He's a genone
  • I hatched him to celebrate New Years Day
  • I gened him myself
  • Previously lavender/rust/maroon but I scattered him and was blessed by his current colors
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