Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Stag used to be young and overconfident. He used to believe that he was better than everyone else. Now as time has passed he has matured and realized just how wrong he was. Defending the clan has taken a toll on Stag, as well as being a father.

He now sees himself as flawed. He recognizes his weak points. He has a bad ankle from when he strained it rough housing on the ruins. He is not the wisest nor the cleverest dragon. He is absent minded and sometimes looses track of his surroundings. He is easily annoyed and quick to snap at others.

But he is also caring for his family, his clan and his flight. He is loyal to those he loves. He would willingly give his life for the clan. Since he was one of the first dragons to join Seeking Clan(Now called Clan Ton Theon) he is good friends with Nightbane and fiercely loyal to her.

Personality Edit

Once arrogant and overconfident, Stag is now collected and careful.

Relationships Edit

Amara: His mate

Trivia Edit

  • He is bisexual
  • His theme song is 30 Seconds to Mars- This is War
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