Appearance[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

Star was a tall, lean, and strong Skydancer, with feathers that shone like burnished silver and depicted all the night sky’s constellations, wings that rippled with waves of light, and glowing grey runes all along her sides.

Present[edit | edit source]

Star is currently a Fae, with metallic wings.

Background[edit | edit source]

What is Star? No one knows. Some say she is a ghost come back from the dead for revenge, some think she is an overpowered mage who claims to be immortal, while others say she is a immortal spirit reincarnated. Others just don’t know. In truth, she is an ancient spirit of a Skydancer, gifted with enormous power and an indomitable will. She was a brave young dragon, who sought to make the world a better place. She took up arms when she was only a week old, and soon fought heroically on many battlefields, ridding the entire Highland Scrub of bandits, thieves, and criminals. One day, when she was thirty years old, she had been fighting a bandit clan of mixed-element Imperials known as the Slayer Brotherhood, and was about to leave, when the Imperials began fusing, turning in to a 10-element Emperor. She bought time for her friends to escape, and using her magic, fought it off, weakening it. She weakened it enough that she killed it---but at the cost of her own life, as she used her all of her life force to cast the final shock wave that banished Emperor deep below the earth. Her mind and spirit however, did not die, and drifted around the Shifting Expanse, until it came to a nest. One of the eggs, the youngest, had a dragonet inside who lacked a mind and spirit, a dull, hollow, empty shell, perfect for a wayward spirit to live in. Star used the brain-dead dragonet’s body, inhabiting it and giving the dragonet-and herself-a chance at a new life. When she hatched, her new parents looked at her, and as she looked up at them, they noticed, instead of acting like a baby dragonet, she stared back at them, as though trying to figure them out, and they saw a spark of intelligence and power and confidence deep inside her eyes that was unnatural for a baby dragonet. They quickly distanced themselves from her. She quickly grew, and became a good and hard worker.Her parents one day decided she was too strange and she was then sold on the auction block, where Sting saw her, recognized the potential in her, and promptly bought her.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Personality Star is an interesting dragon. She is very intelligent, brave, and rational, never ceasing to coldly analyze a situation. She is a many-sided dragon due to her nonstop hopping between dragons for centuries, with one side being kind, sweet, and loving, another being cruel, cold-blooded, logical, immoral, and pragmatic in the extreme, and a third being wry, witty, and actually funny. all of these sides are different:

1: The Guide

Star is a kind, shy, and courteous dragon, always helping those who need a bed, some food, or protection. This was her original personality.

2: The Scientist

Star is a cold, rational, and extremely pragmatic dragon, only helping those who desperately need help. She does not trust anyone but those she has known her entire life. If you try to make her angry, she will not be provoked- she will simply eliminate you from existence.

3: The Imp

Star is a self-confident, impish, wry, and witty dragon who loves playing practical jokes, and she 'helps' anyone, especially those who don't actually need it.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Raw Power:
  • Lightning Magic:
  • Other Magic:
  • Indomitable Will: Star is strong-willed, never breaking no matter the pressure or stress.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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