History Edit

After spending some years studying and looking over arcane texts, books, the stars and the cosmos, The founder found themselves in the window of isolation, and tired for many hours upon hours for days, to weeks, and decided to help their studies, mind and betterment of their self, they would have to take a drastic action, a new flow of course.

After consulting The Archanist and his arcane entourage, being given space and the freedom to do so, created a clan, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, but so in a way that is born from a personal spark of passion and wonder, and provides a jovial and free air for both work and play.

Among the day members may work over scrolls and text, enjoy the warmth of the sun, the breeze from the water, and when the stars shine, can map the cosmos and all of its divine beings, have a merry party or nightly going, or sleep peacefully as the moonlight calmly shines on.

Clan Members Edit

  • Farant (Leader, Founder)
  • Fitz (Head of Clan Guard)
  • Nagi (Magic Studies Teacher)
  • Skyhold (Ecomancer and Nature Studies Teacher, Clan Cook/Gatherer)
  • Drift (Flight Instructor, Hatchling Caretaker and Adopter, Clan Cartographer)
  • Suo (Arcanic Scholar, Tutor for Nagi's Magic Studies class)
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