Biography Edit

Officer of Recruitment and Representation: Sunbeam Ruins; helps Light dragons settle in the Clan/recruits them. Organizes reports on major activities within that flight.

Weird for a Gaoler; was never a part of an order. Was raised in the Sunbeam Ruins by Gaolers who resented their old life as prison guards, and just wanted Starling to appreciate life lived as a light dragon. He's philosophical and optimistic, and very modern and aware of social and political issues. Very much the ‘Modern Ancient’. Almost a hippie, but not quite. One of the few Gaolers that the hatchlings aren't afraid of, and they're delighted to be able to romp around in his fluff.

He watches over the hatchlings, along with Agrius, Euncil, the rest of the Loremaster's staff, Vanavna, Belegaer, Foinse, Rwiuin, basically any dragon who is in the slightest willing to be gentle and patient. It also helps if you're fluffy.

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