The Stormwatch clan is a relatively small clan found in the Carrion canyon near the lightning-light border zone.

It was founded by Alta Stormwatch who was allocated the land and the clan title by the Stormcatcher. The clan ngotiates on behalf of the lightning flight for trade and to watch over the steadily increasing harpy population in the area. Due to the harsh climate the clan size is small, but they are very capable fighters.


Founding of the Clan Edit

Alta was born to a pair of eloping border guards. The mother, a light dragon was forced to lay her in secret, however because the lightning flight achieved dominance during this time, its territory surged in size and the nest instead developed lightning offspring and dead offspring. Alta was the only survivor of the 3 egg nest and was unsuccessfully raised by her Wildclaw mother.

Eventually Alta upon reaching puberty was drawn further and further into lightning territory for her charge. eventually she came to realize that the diety, Stormcatcher was her charge. She lived among the workers in the spire for a time and decided that the best option was to exalt herself in service to the deity.

Upon finding out that Alta had him as a charge was frustrated and decried that the better thing to do was assign her to form a clan as far away as he possibly could because he had no desire to breed change her into something that could actually fight or handle large amounts of current.

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