History Edit

A long time ago, Sunder was a member of an unnamed clan in the territory of the Crystalspine Reaches. She was nothing but a lowly slave, born into work. After a higher-up tried to beat her for dropping a plate and breaking it, she murdered him in self defense. After this, she was seen as a disgrace, as terrible; she was sent to prison and her throat was slashed. The Arcanist saw this, as a vision, and his rage was wrought upon them. Sunder was able to escape. That day, sometime in the evening, she found Malefite. Eventually, they began to both trust each other, and started a clan together, moving to Earth, where we now have The Clan of Hollownest.

Personality Edit

Sunder is still recovering from her wounds, but is otherwise a soft-spoken and careful Fae. Years of living around dragons that were not Fae has allowed her to learn speech like them, but she still uses her crests as emphasis. She is a very kind character, She likes flowers, and has decorated the giant chamber in the center of the clan with flowers that bloom at night. She likes to collect and carve gemstones. Due to her past, she prefers not to eat on a plate and eats things that can be easily contained as 'claw-food', or her way of saying finger food.

Appearance Edit

Sunder is generally the average, everyday female Fae. Her eyes are a bright, sharp pink, indicating that she is from the Arcane territories. Her skin mimics the same patterning and coloring as a Stonewatch Harpy. In her physically manifested magical aura, marigold petals float aimlessly like small rocks in space. Golden lanterns swirl around her, and black candles floating on golden winds flutter by her side. She has tail rings, but on her arm, neck, and head, lie golden marigolds, enchanted to never wilt.

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