Clan Ton Theon


Sundial's entire clan was murdered. Her egg was the only survivor.

No one knows what caused the death of her clan, but maybe it's for the best.

Sundial's egg was discovered by Hecate, and she brought it to Clan Ton Theon. Her egg hatched in the paws of Future, and ever since she had been raised by Hecate and Future.

The two tundras adopted her as their own daughter. Sundial couldn't ask for better mothers. Future's laid back attitude allowed her to become the individual she is now, and Hecate's strict nature helped her from straying down the wrong paths. But most of all, she received love and kindness from her two mothers. It was essential for any hatchling.


Sundial loves adventure. She has always been naturally curious about the world. She loves to explore the ruins around the clan, and she has already read half of the books in the library.

She has a lot of energy in her that often leads to trouble. She never intends to be trouble, but she can be nosy and a little overbearing at times.


Hecate: Her mother.

Future: Her other mother.

Kiwi: Her best friend.


  • She's a genone
  • I gened her myself
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