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Sunnathy is the oldest dragon in the clan and most just call her grandma, related or not. She is part of the clan Council of Pergamon Mountain Clan. She was born on the day of great tomfoolery, which has coloured all of her life. She always has something amusing to say and knows just what to do to lighten the mood when things get tense. She also has a reputation of not remembering her age. She is often looking after the young ones but it's hard to tell who is a hatchling and who is the elderly, which has resulted in some injuries and broken bones on her. The young ones love her and then respect her when they grow up. But especially devoted are those without family since she has taken care of most of them during the years.

But as for everything there is another side to the coin. Sunnathy was there before you and she will be there when you go. She is ageless and she will be there to witness all the births and all the deaths. It used to bother her a lot. But then she decided to become everyone’s grandma. She has the whole clan as her family, especially the youth. They will all go, but they will live on with the clan. Sunnathy will tell the stories. She will keep them all alive. Like she has kept her mate Hywel. And her son Sian. And her grandson Tamuk. And like she will keep her great grandson Taran when his time comes. She will keep them all alive. The alternative is madness.

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