Together with her mate Torbjorn, Svetlana is a leader of the Order of the Colossus. She used to be a Tundra.

Background Edit

Svetlana is the co-leader of the clan, as well as the mate of Torbjorn. Although the relationship between her and her mate was at first strained, it has grown into a very kind and loving one. The Tundra treats Torbjorn lovingly, even going as far as to tease him about his tertiary color - though she loves it.

The two don't have children very often, but when they do, they are often exalted to serve Plaguebringer. Svetlana believes that the more dragons they send to serve Plaguebringer, the more pleased the deity will be, and that she will continue to give the clan good blessings.

Svetlana is a very kind and caring dragon. She is extremely empathetic, able to bond with other dragons on high emotional levels and help them through things and encourage them for battle. She tries her best to not let her own emotions show when trying to comfort others. Many dragons look up to her for her intelligence, wise words, and knowing they'll be able to come to her whenever they have a problem.

Along with being kind and emotional, as well as extremely caring, Svetlana is very lenient with many things. Often times she will let the younger dragonlings get away with mischief, or avoid a confrontation with two arguing clanmates, talking them out of it, and not punishing them for fighting. Though when situation calls for it, the dragon will be strict, especially when it is for the greater good of the clan.

Although the Tundra is good with her words, in battle it is a different story. The dragon has trouble fighting, both in the front lines and the back. So instead of directly attacking the enemies, Svetlana prefers to stay in the back, doing what she can to help protect her companions. She fights when she absolutely has to, but is often weak on her own and constantly needs someone by her side to help her fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Svetlana is the random progen of Balaeniceps
  • Seraph and Okapi were replaced by Butterfly and Runes

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  • Background was written by Chronowolf (#72691)

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