History Edit

The Tainted shadows are a large group of dragons and beastfolk that shares mostly common interests or at the very least-beliefs regarding the ongoing war between the two sides.

They are living in harmony and symbiosis without hostility towards one another.

The clan has a somewhat, perhaps, flexible hierarchy where the leader or founder of the clan is at the highest level and has the title of either “chief” or “Emperor”. The chief can be either a humanoid or a dragon. Below them is a duo of council members whose opinions remain as such and barely hold influence over the leader’s final decision. Lower down the hierarchy are the citizens or clan residents.

The clan has tribal origins that haven’t been fully abandoned to this day and are honoured once every year in the winter.

Ever since the arrival of the very first settlers in shadow territory- around mid-Neuman period-there has been a devastating sickness that still plagues the clan to this day and curiously is fixed on their lands,as there are very few records of other neighbouring clans catching it.

For a long time, after the fall of the last clan of the Umbral protectors the land was empty and had no population until a serpent,going by the name of Arryon arrived from the Delta.

While the clan has mostly peaceful and nonconfrontational nature, there have been a number of unpleasant encounters with other clans across the Tangled woods both from Dragonkind and Beastclans.

There have been a few cases of attempted coups and attacks that were, thankfully, evaded or dealt with.

Clan members Edit

  • Arryon (clan leader)
  • Amate (warrior)
  • Addava (magist)
  • Amen (Hunter)
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