Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Tanzanite grew up in the Starfall Isles despite being a Light dragon. She came from a family of Light guardians who were the protectors of a royal Light family. Tanzanite was excited for the day where she would find her calling. She wanted her parents to be proud of her and she wanted to protect one of these royal dragons too. 

______ So she waited. One day a giant imperial visited her clan and something stirred inside of her. She felt the strong, fierce desire to protect this dragon. Could it be that he was her Charge? She confessed her feelings to her father, and he told her it could very well be her Charge instincts kicking in. He told her she should be proud to be this dragon's Charge. His name was Isra, the Demigod of Silence. He was the husband of one of the royal dragons her family protected. He was also the father of her father's Charge.

______ She followed Isra back to his clan, Clan Ton Theon. Here she introduced herself and told him she was his guardian. She was nervous, and didn't really think herself worthy to guard such a noble dragon. she was afraid she would just be an annoyance to him. She thought maybe a powerful dragon like Isra didn't need to be protected after all. But he accepted her.

Tanzanite was crushed when she found out Isra was not actually her Charge, his pretty blue god blood was. She found out when the imperial had tried to donate his blood to the clan healer's out of the kindness of his heart. She had attacked the healer with his blood and she took it for herself. She felt ashamed of herself. She wanted Isra to be her Charge, not just his blood.

Personality Edit

When not following Isra around Tanzanite likes to collect anything blue. Fabric, rocks, shells, you name it, if it's blue she's keeping it. She's always loved the color and always will. She's sweet and excitable, but not a fan of change. She's always afraid of the future.

Relationships Edit

Isra: Her friend and her Charge

Trivia Edit

  • She's sapphic
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