Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Love can create incredible things.

Tarasque was created from a powerful love. Her parents, Wendigo and Frankenstein loved each other so much that their magic combined and created Tara and her two siblings. It shouldn’t have been possible. Both wendigo and frankenstein were undead. They shouldn’t have been able to create life. But they did.

Tara was raised in her mother’s clan, Clan Ton Theon while her siblings were raised in her father’s clan, Clan Stjernaklart. Whenever she visits her siblings she likes annoying her brother with her sister.

Tara considers Hywela, her mother’s other mate her mother too.

She likes listening to stories from Hywela, and likes to play with her. Hywela is often cautious, but loving around Tara. She happy to call her a daughter. But Hywela has a violent past and isn’t completely trusted by the clan, so her interactions with Tara are limited.

Like her parents, Tara is also undead. She has no blood, and is full of stuffing like her mother. She has stitches that are constantly threatening to come undone, but she feels no pain from them.

Personality Edit

Tara is a rambunctious mirror, and an athletic one. She likes pushing herself and testing her limits and it’s not uncommon for her to come home with an injury or two.

Relationships Edit

Frankenstein: Her mom

Hywela: Her other mom

Trivia Edit

  • She's a demigirl
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