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Thalatth, alongside her sister Nym, was born in the clan and decided to stay there, rather than travel elsewhere in an attempt to find her Charge. She did not regret this decision since she realised eventually that her father Abzu was her Charge, but it meant that she grew up slightly overshadowed by her flashy, attention seeking sister Nym.

Although most of the time she is perfectly happy to be left to her own devices, she often feels rather envious towards the attention her father gives Nym compared to her. Still, she has not allowed these jealous feelings to take over her life, and is instead completely dedicated to recording any major events that occur in the clan.

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Thalatth is a bit of a loner. Like her father, she adores peace and quiet and treasures any time she gets to herself, but unlike him she sometimes gets rather annoyed when other dragons are constantly disturbing her. This is a common cause of conflict between her and her sister Nym. She is the sort of dragon who will sit and stew angrily rather than directly confronting those who have annoyed her, so often other dragons do not realise when they should just leave her alone.

To those who don't know her well, she can often seem rather cold and distant. In fact, she still acts this way occasionally even towards people who know her well. She is not good at showing affection, and prefers to show her emotions through actions rather than words.

Despite how it may seem however, she is actually very skilled at reading people's emotions and figuring out what it is they need. Like her father, she is willing to give anyone helpful advice on anything and everything, as long as they are willing to ask.

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The only apparel Thalatth wears is a scarf given to her by Abzu.

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  • Nym and Thalatth were the first two hatchlings born in the clan who decided to live there permanently.
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