Thaumas is an intimidating dragon, to say the least, with blood-red eyes, impressive strength, and a slightly aggressive personality. Though he doesn't show it much outwardly, he truly loves his clan and his mate, Venilia. He is a formidable warrior and isn't afraid to fight dirty sometimes.

Fiercely independent from a young age, Thaumas was eager to leave his birth clan and seek out adventure. But along the way, he met Venilla, who brought him down to earth and made him realise they needed to settle somewhere. They heard whispers about the Order of the Colossus one day when they were scavenging in the vicinity of the Wyrmwound—bravely, they both completed the Trials and welcomed into the Order.

It didn't take long before Thaumas had earned the respect of nearly everyone in the clan, but even now his bad temper occasionally gets the better of him and higher ranking dragons have to remind him of his place.

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  • Thaumas' lore was written by BallisticBoffin (#170512)

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