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Amalgam is a clan that formed more than ten years ago, when its founder, Cedrela of the Twin Trees, claimed one of the spires of the Crystalspine Reaches as her own after spending nearly twelve years wandering between the many clans of the Starfall Isles to find a place to call home.

Found in the Mid-Region of the Crystalspine Reaches, the lair is shadowed by the Observatory and it is but a short journey for those who leave the clan to go serve the Arcanist. After the clan began in earnest, the island was named Starpeak Island, thanks to the star that always appears at the end of the mountainous piece of curved point of chalcedony that formed the front side of the island.

Starpeak Island is an island that forms around the back of one of the tall pieces of chalcedony that forms the Crystalspine Reaches. with one side that forms a tall cliff on the south side, and slopes all the way down to a colourful sandy beach on the north side. The island is covered in mostly Starwood trees, with a large swath of land by the beach clear of trees. Within the trees, the thrones of the royals of Amalgam sit, and below the ground, the main part of the lair sits, with hidden entrances around the island.

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