Background Edit

The Blindsiders is an underground organisation made of mercenaries, thieves, criminals, outlaws and outcasts who are looking to put their less-than-normal skills to good use, and get paid well for it. The Consoleglitch offers them full protection from local and international authorities and ensures that none of the agents under the Blindsiders get caught.

Location Edit

The Blindsiders's territory is divided into two - the Overground and the Undercity. The Overground is a rundown marketplace and church of a society from ages past. It functions as both a place for some dragons to meet their clients, and to guard the city from wanderers and authorities. The church on the Overground contains a single, heavily guarded portal that leads to the Undercity.

The Undercity is a massive town in a cavern underground. It has only one entrance portal to ensure that those who enter can be monitored. This is the main base of operations for all agents of the Blindsiders, who can meet their clients there, or rest and relax after their work. The center of the city is a massive clock tower, where the Consoleglitch does her research.

History Edit

The Blindsiders was founded when war veteran Antares ran into the Consoleglitch, who at first was hostile. However, them both needing shelter led to them staying in the city limits, though far apart. As weeks passed, they began to warm up to each other until they finally decided to start a clan. Antares's hesitance to lead a clan led him to handing over full ownership to the Consoleglitch, who later decided that she rather run a freelance organisation rather than a clan itself so that she could devote her time to researching on her supercomputer ancestor, the Console.

While the Blindsiders have been steadily growing and their safety has been maintained, the Consoleglitch's desperation to unlock her history led to her investing in the help of the Shade through the form of a Shade-touched dragon known as the Chancellor. While the rest of the clan do not know that the Chancellor is a Shade dragon, Consoleglitch is preparing for when he may let slip and she has to defend herself, or lose everything.

Members Edit

Head Members Edit

  • The Consoleglitch (Leader)
  • Blackwire (Head of Research)
  • Antares (Co-Founder, Guardmaster, Head of Security)
  • Kanrik (Elder Progen, Head of Resources)
  • Invidia "Envy" (Head of Recruitment)
  • Calliope (Head of Trade)

Elite Hunters Edit

  • Navire Sanchez
  • Blake Elliot McKenzie
  • Silver Night
  • Axel Bigarsky
  • Ash "Array" Piper

Active Blindsiders (mission) Edit

  • Nveryll
  • Cortas
  • Veritas
  • Athena
  • Asterope
  • Nioco
  • Eleutheria
  • Zaire
  • Luxos
  • Chalice
  • Lazaros

Active Blindsiders (service) Edit

  • Charon
  • Cortas
  • Florence
  • Lumen
  • Mercalli
  • Celtica
  • Rex
  • Dr. Malakai
  • Lachlan
  • The Chancellor

Past Members Edit

  • Aequitas (deceased)
  • Emry Lex
  • Serazel
  • Sahkmet
  • Lazarus
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