Background Edit

The Consoleglitch is a dragon-technology hybrid known as a Code dragon. Code dragons have the ability to access any technological device with their minds, as well a short-range teleportation known as blinking. The Consoleglitch is a second generation Code dragon, therefore retaining most of the powers inherited from the Console.

While she runs the Blindsiders, she and her sister Blackwire spend their time trying to uncover the history of the supercomputer known as the Console, where they all originated from.

Personality Edit

The Consoleglitch is a collected, calm face of strength, resilience, and mystery. She is very collected in the face of danger and desperation, refusing to be cowed by many. Some credit this to her technological side, suppressing emotions of both the negative and positive sort. Despite the myths of her not being able to feel anything, she has proven her ability to feel love like any other dragon, having married an Imperial by the name of Crisis Triscar. With him she bore many children whom she hoped to see carry on her legacy.

She retains a sense of professionalism in everything she does, from her own missions as a gun for hire to discussing research on the Console with Blackwire. To her, professionalism is of utmost importance.

Appearance Edit

To appear professional and collected, the Consoleglitch dresses well to maintain her image. Her clothes are not merely for show however, for her clothes are padded with armour should a fight break out, and the rapier on her hip is a warning to all not to pick a fight with her. She and her sister both use Moonscale armour, as a shared identity between them.

Beyond her clothes, the Consoleglitch is never fully solid. The edges of her wings shimmer and fade in the light like pixels breaking off her and floating away.

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