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The elemental entourage of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

As Nekane's elemental power grew, over time the various elemental factions of the world began to take notice. Whether the Elemental Messengers were a result of that notice or of Nekane's growing power itself is a question perhaps only she could answer, and as with most things that don't directly pertain to her leadership role as the Red Kingdom's living deity, she has remained silent on the subject.

Regardless, the messengers made their sudden appearance some time after Nekane's arrival, on the anniversary of the day Sornieth celebrates its creation. They immediately took up places as Nekane's entourage, and obey commands only directly from her or—when appropriate—from Oscar on her behalf. They are not considered beholden to the Red Kingdom itself, but nevertheless make up a significant part of it, and can be seen flitting about the lair on business of religious significance at all hours of the day and night.

Clan Role Edit

The key—in fact, the only—role of the Elemental Messengers is to serve as Nekane's entourage, assistants, and magical aides. They follow her orders, lend her power for significant magical workings, keep the elements in balance in the region of the Red Kingdom, and serve as liaisons directly to the deities of their respective elements. They serve a greater purpose than the clan itself, and rarely deviate from it in any way.

Characteristics Edit

The Elemental Messengers are not so much creatures as elemental power given form and purpose. They are not dragons in the typical sense, being formed directly from the essence of their respective elements; they do not eat, sleep, or even appear to possess fully developed personalities or true sentience. They follow the letter and spirit of Nekane's commands and can provide her with a seemingly endless wellspring of elemental energy for her workings—the only limit being her own ability to channel power. They often appear to be insubstantial, or in some way formed of the element from which they are drawn.

Members Edit


Radiant Edit

Messenger of Light


Charge Edit

Messenger of Lightning


Kindling Edit

Messenger of Fire


Occult Edit

Messenger of Arcane


Malady Edit

Messenger of Plague


Mineral Edit

Messenger of Earth


Hoarfrost Edit

Messenger of Ice


Gloaming Edit

Messenger of Shadow


Tempest Edit

Messenger of Wind


Inundation Edit

Messenger of Water


Verdant Edit

Messenger of Nature

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